Elizabeth E. LeClair Elizabeth.Leclair at MAIL.TJU.EDU
Mon Nov 2 18:04:25 EST 1998

 Dear MolBio folk,

  I would be interested to know of any smaller laboratories undertaking
their own cDNA micro-arrays or slot-blots for detecting expression of
multiple genes.  We are interested in organizing blots of this type for our
own work on embryonic development, and the relevant genes are available in
the commercially available blots which tend to focus on adult,
differentiated tissues or cancer lines.

  Anyone tried making their own?  Specifically, what substrates does one use
and how do you adjust the target concentrations to standardize
hybiridization signals to detect different-sized cDNA targets?  I have
several papers in hand and would be happy to discuss them with other
interested parties.

Most sincerely,

Elizabeth E. LeClair Ph.D./Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
Thomas Jefferson University/501 Curtis Building
1015 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA 
ph: 215.955.5503 fx: 215.955.9159

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