In vitro generation of multimers of gene which has BglII sites: HELP!

Richard Sucgang, PhD richard at
Tue Nov 3 04:11:01 EST 1998

In article <199811030546.NAA23925 at>, shengyang at wrote:

>Hi, all:
>I want to generate multimers of my gene in vitro by clone it into 
>pAO815. But there are 2 BglII sites within my gene. So, I can not 
>use BglII and BamHI to cut my gene and ligate the fragments into 
>multimers. Then, what can I do?

How about using XhoI and SalI instead?
This was a technique used to make multimers of the lacO site. Try looking
for Andrew Belmont's paper on it.


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