ABI 310 capillaries, BigDye Reagent

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>> 2: We are looking at alternative reagents besides the exorbedent BidDye
>> terminator sets..   Anyone have any experience using other reagent sets or
>> possibly extender reagents.
How about to reduce the reaction volume. I am routinely useing a half
volume reaction. I use 4ul of the Big-Dye PCR premix for one template.
1. mix 5ul of a template, 1ul of 3.2pmol/ul primer, and 4ul of the PCR
2. Do PCR and Ethernol precpitaion follewed by the ABI's protocol.
3. resuspend in 25ul of the suspension solition.
4. apply to ABI 310
This protocol must reduce 50% of the cost.
Norio Suzuki
e-mail: nosuzuki at e-mail.ne.jp

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