Retinoic acid and retinol solutions

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>  Dear colleagues,
>  I would highly appreciate any information you may provide
>me with about solvents to use in the preparation of retinoic
>acid and all-trans retinol stock solutions and the right way
>to store those solutions.
>  Many thanks in advance
>  Best wishes,
>  Jose L. Carrasco
>  jlcarrasco at
Dear Jose
We rountinely prepare 10-2M retinoic acid in DMSO.
We store and further dilute it in wheaton-glass vials (important
especially for low concentrations, which could be absorbed by
hydrophobic plastic vials)
wrapped with Alu-foil, to keep the contents dark at -80°C. We use
reduced light conditions when applying the ret. acid. to tissue
cultures. We have no experience with retinol, but I think a similar
procedure should be approbiate for retinol, too.
hope this is of some help to you
Martin Offterdinger
Internal Med.I,Dept. Oncology
University of Vienna
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