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Wouldn't the presence of methanol inhibit PCR in some way?  I thought I
heard somewhere that I did.  Would a chloroform clean-up get rid of enough
of it?

Brendan Scott

>Gerd (gerdn at wrote:
>: Bethune international peace hospital wrote:
>: >
>: > Hi
>: >  How to equilibrate phenol to a PH>7.8?
>: >     We have equilibrate phenol for one week with Tris.Cl(1M,PH8.0),
>: > but the PH of penol phase is still under 7.0  and much phenol lose.
>: >             thank you for help
>: > responds to:
>: >        genet at
>: Is it not the buffer pH that should be meassured? Think I remember
>: correct pH cannot be meassured directly in phenol.
>: Stop eq. when buffer pH stays at the pH of choice.
>Actually there is a method where you add the phenol to methanol that
>works (allows measurement with a pH probe).  I can't recall exactly
>what the proportion was though.

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