Anyone tried to make their own cDNA arrays?

Narendra Kaushik n.kaushik at
Tue Nov 3 13:25:38 EST 1998

I am also thinking of making cDNA microarray. It is more convinient and
less expensive to make own high density cDNA filters by using commercial
services. One advatage of this is that you have library in your fridge
and can use anytime in future. Some companies grid and pick the
libraries and in UK, I was told that it will cost me 4000 pounds(
picking and gridding, including cost of plates and filters, for 500 000
clones). The advantage of high density filters is that you don't have to
buy costly scanner for analyzing your data. This can be done with Abode
photoshop or by normal scanners. Synteni's and Affymetrix's scanners
cost fortune.
It is, I think that it is possible to buy a compact benchtop picking and
gridding robot. This is good idea, if someone is going to share the
cost. Myself I haven't got money now but I will go for this.

Narendra Kaushik
Imperial College of Medicine at Charing Cross Hospital
Department of Neuromuscular Diseases, 9L22, Lab block,
Division of Neuroscience and Psychological Medicine,
St. Dunstan’s Road, LONDON W6 8RP.

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