genotyping and Li-Cor

William Oetting bill at
Wed Nov 4 14:25:05 EST 1998


We have been using the Li-Cor system several years for both sequencing and
genotyping and have been very pleased with the results that we get.  For
genotyping, we use Li-Cor's GeneImageIR software for calling band sizes and
have found that it works well with all markers including dinucleotide
repeats.  The software will automatically call bases and allows the operator
to check size, bins and make any adjustments on the call.  Size calling is
accurate to a single base.  We have used the Li-Cor for both genome screens,
fine mapping and pooled DNA analysis.  If you have any specific questions,
send them to me and I will answer as best as I can.

Bill Oetting
University of Minnesota

bill at

In article <363F4929.F4C63627 at>, Hongmei Liang <holst4 at>

>Dear colleagues,
>I am researching the purchase of a sequencer and have decided that
>either the ABI 377 or
>Li-Cor system will be needed.  I am wondering if anyone with experience
>using the LiCor
>system for fragment analysis (genotyping in particular) has had any
>problems with the
>system.  The ABI system with the markers within the lane should yield a
>more accurate
>fragment sizing but I was wondering if there are any real problems with
>the LiCor system.
> I have no doubt that the LiCor system is great for price, quality, and
>read length in
>sequencing as well as for mapping kit prices but would like to have
>somone with
>experience give me an idea of how accurate the size calling is.
>Thanks for your help,
>Michael C. Gorry
>University of Pittsburgh
>Arthritis Institute
>Pittsburgh, PA 15261
>gorry2+ at

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