cDNA Synthesis in Atlas cDNA Expression Array

Yoonsuk Park yoonpark at
Wed Nov 4 15:10:48 EST 1998

Hi, everyone,

Currently, I'm trying to use Atlas cDNA Expression Array.  However, I have
a really frustrating problem in cDNA synthesis. I cannot get
[P-32]-labelled cDNA.  Even, it didn't work the control poly-A+ RNA in
the kit, either.  What I got after column chromatography had very low
radioactivity, compared to 1-5 million cpm indicated on the manual.  I
have tried the new reverse transcriptase which Clontech newly provided
after the first frustration.  And, I have done everything the tech support
suggested without any success.
Is there anyone who can give me some advices?
I would appreciate receiving any tip.


                  Yoonsuk Park, Ph.D.
Department of Oral Biology, University of Washington,  
            Box 357132, Seattle, WA 98195
          e-mail)  yoonpark at

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