removing NOS:NPTII:NOS from T-DNA region

Alan Smith smitam01 at HOLMES.IPFW.EDU
Wed Nov 4 16:46:35 EST 1998

I was wondering if any one has tried to remove the selectable marker
NOS:NPTII:NOS casette from pBI121.1 or any of its parent vectors and could
offer advice.  I would like to place a new selectable marker in its place
and I can not find a detailed restriction map of the T-DNA region.  I
tried to construct a map using the genes and ori's present in the gene
bank for the T-DNA region and pBIN19.  However, I did not feel confident
in using this aproach for experimentation because the gene sequences I
found would not line up right when using megaline to match gene to vector.
Please send any knowledge of restriction maps, references, gene sequences,
or methods on how to remove NPTII from the T-DNA region
Thanks you very much
Alan Smith  

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