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>>Daudi is class 1 negative because it lacks B2 microglobulin. It may still
>>express class 1 mRNAs though I am not sure if anyone has looked at this.
>Daudi is *surface* negative for MHC class I (because it lacks b2m).  It
>expresses the MHC class I proteins perfectly well, though they're retained
>in the ER; and if beta-2 m is expressed in the cell the surface expression
>of the MHC types is restored. Daudi has been haplotyped (it has an unusual
>type), but I can't remember by whom.

	Daudi has been genotyped for HLA-A, -B, and -C.  However I don't
know that the haplotypes have been examined.  The genotype is discussed in:

	Browning MJ, et al.
	The HLA-A,B,C genotype of the class I negative cell line Daudi
	reveals novel HLA-A and -B alleles. 
	Tissue Antigens. 1995 Mar;45(3):177-87. 

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