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Daudi is class 1 negative because it lacks B2 microglobulin. It may still
express class 1 mRNAs though I am not sure if anyone has looked at this.

>David L. Haviland, Ph.D. <dhavilan at IMM2.IMM.UTH.TMC.EDU> wrote:
>>Going strictly from memory,  Daudi (B cell) and K562 (erythroleukemic) come
>>to mind as Class-I negative.  I also have it in my advisors handwriting
>>(from *many* moons ago) that the B cell line Raji is also Class-I negative.
>K562 are HLA negative, Raji are not.  You need to be careful with studies
>on K562, because they upregulate their MHC when treated with interferon
>(and various other things).  I don't know whether they have non-classical
>class I.
>Ian York

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