cDNA Synthesis in Atlas cDNA Expression Array

Narendra Kaushik n.kaushik at
Thu Nov 5 08:14:21 EST 1998

I will advise to check your solutions. If it didn't work for control
RNA, there might be
contamination. I will also advise you to use P33 in place of P32 as it
gives better resolution. Start from 2.0 ug PloyA and follow the
Superscript II protocol replacing dCTP with P33dCTP.  Destroy RNA with
0.1M NaOH (final) at 50oC for 10 mins and purify labelled products by
passing through G-25 column. Heat denature and add to the hyb soln. You
can also use polyA oligos to block the polyT  tail.

Narendra Kaushik
ICM at CX Campus,

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