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>does anyone know of such a line?

Well, any non-human cell line will be HLA-negative.  but I suspect that's
not what you'reasking for.  I assume you're asking for a human cell line
which is negative for HLA class I, because HLA II has a restricted
distribution, so it's easy to find HLA II negative lines.  If you're only
concerned about classical HLA (A, B, and C) then one of several
derivatives of the 721 B lymphoblastoid cell line might serve.  721.221
has a deletion spanning the classical class I genes; 721.220 lacks
TAPasin, and has reduced surface expression; 721.174 lacks TAP, and also
has reduced surface expression.  These were all made in the lab of
Robert DeMars; look at his early papers for more description of these
lines and other HLA mutants.  

If surface expression is all you're worried about, then the DAUDI cell
line might serve; it's beta 2 microglobulin negative.

The line C1R is almost HLA negative; it expresses no A or B (except for a
very low level of one B allele), but expresses one C allele.  

Most of these lines still express non-classical MHC molecules to various

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