Reverse transcription

Mr K Dai kdai at
Fri Nov 6 13:34:07 EST 1998

I think that to control the quality of the cDNA, it would be wiser to do
some PCR on it other than running a test gel bcoz the transcripts will
keep invisible. If you can try some house keeping gene such as actin or
GAPDH, etc, it will be benefitful and confidence bearing for your
experiment.  Good luck! 

David Dai

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Qiang Zhang wrote:

> Hi, I got some problem with reverse transcription.
> It did not work, and the cDNA gel showed strong 18s and
> 28s RNA bands and smears between and beyond them.
> The control ( same samples but I didn't add reverse tr
> anscriptase which is rTth) gave the same results.
> My question is if the RT step works, should I still see the
> 18s and 28s bands or,instead, only smears?
> If only smears(that's what I heard), where are the 18s
> and 28s bands? They are buried in the long smear of cDNA?

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