Need thermal cycler recommendation.

Ulrich Maier maier_hml at
Fri Nov 6 10:42:31 EST 1998

zyu at INTERCHANGE.UBC.CA (Zhongtang Yu) wrote:

>I am going to buy another thermal cycler for our lab.  The one we are
>using is ERICOMP Twin Block thermal cycler.  This one works fine but it
>melts PCR tube caps occasionally in overnight run.  In addition, the
>Block II run slower than Block I, and one time the RAM was
>"contaminated" (the etch person said so).  I had to open the machine and
>unplug the RAM to clean the contamination.  Of course, all the programs
>stored were gone.  Does any one have experience with other thermal
>cyclers and suggestions?  Thanks.
>Zhongtang Yu
>zyu at


say something about the budget and the features of the cycler you are
interested in.

If you need an one-block cycler with a gradient function (nice to
establish a new pcr), buy an Eppendorf Gradient. I think, Stratagene
offers a Robocycler with gradient function, too.

If you are looking for a cheap small 24tubes cycler, I would prefer MJ
Research (very fast) or Hybaid. With very low budget: Tecne works.


Uli Maier

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