ABI 310 capillaries, BigDye Reagent

Joseph C. Bagshaw jbagshaw at wpi.edu
Fri Nov 6 10:06:30 EST 1998

We have been using a product called HalfTerm from GenPak.  With some
primer-template combinations we can use as little as 1/8 of the regular
amount of ABI terminator Ready Reaction mix, and we routinely use 1/4.  I
have also heard that you can get away with simply using half the normal
amount with no aditives.  Haven't tried that one yet.

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On 3 Nov 1998 nosuzuki at e-mail.ne.jp wrote:

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> >> 2: We are looking at alternative reagents besides the exorbedent BidDye
> >> terminator sets..   Anyone have any experience using other reagent sets or
> >> possibly extender reagents.
> How about to reduce the reaction volume. I am routinely useing a half
> volume reaction. I use 4ul of the Big-Dye PCR premix for one template.
> Protocol
> 1. mix 5ul of a template, 1ul of 3.2pmol/ul primer, and 4ul of the PCR
> premix.
> 2. Do PCR and Ethernol precpitaion follewed by the ABI's protocol.
> 3. resuspend in 25ul of the suspension solition.
> 4. apply to ABI 310
> This protocol must reduce 50% of the cost.
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