Antibody against dynorphin

Qiang Zhang qiz97001 at
Sun Nov 8 13:53:23 EST 1998

Hi, everyone:

I am stuck with a functional experiment with Antibodies against dynorphin

Previous work in my lab showed that NorBNI(an antagonist of kappa opioid
receptor) push-pull perfusion to rat MPOA could induce a premature ovulatory
LH surge in the moring of proestrus.

What I am doing is using antibodies against different dynorphin peptide
family members(Dyn1-8, Dyn1-17, DynB, a-neodynorphin, b-neodynorphin,
respectively) to do the same perfusion in the same area to see which
dynorphin peptide is the endorgenous one mediating this inhibitory effect.

My problem is the difficulty to determine the highest dose of antibody we
can go with to confidently judge if the corresponding peptide is involved.

Does anybody have any idea of what should I do?


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