Biometra T3 thermocycler

Thomas Urbig urbig at
Mon Nov 9 05:05:54 EST 1998

We had (have) the problem with the personal cycler. I contacted Biometra
but I have not gotten an answer yet.


In article <70nd9d$4b0$1 at>, rwilliam at
(Richard Williams) wrote:

> Is anyone using the Biometra T3 PCR machine? (i.e., the fairly new 3 block
> successor to the Trioblock Thermoblock, with integral heated lids and LCD
> display). We've had some problems with PCR program files becoming
> corrupted, and are trying to find out if this an issue with the machine
> itself, or something to do with our lab environment (voltage spikes or
> troughs from a potentially 'dirty' mains power supply have been suggested
> as possible culprits). Our local Biometra distributors are unaware of any
> problems with this model.
> Richard.

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