neomycin-G418 confusion

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Hello Michael, hello all!

Sorry, I was wrong. Since G418 normally is only used in 
selcetion of transfected eucaryotic because of its high price, I 
generalized too much.


> Almost. G418 is effective against both Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. It
> was originally found (I think at Schering-Plough) as a standard
> antibacterial anti-biotic. It was an exciting and wonderful new drug...
> until they got to animal studies and all their mice died. Then they
> found it works on both. 
> kanamycin and neomycin only work well in proks, and are interchangable
> for E.coli work (kanamycin is much cheaper). Other bacteria do better
> with one drug or the other. G418 is just too expensive to use for
> bacteria but it would work fine.
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