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Try searching MEDLINE at this site:  Also, here
are some references that might help:

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Silvia Zalapa wrote:

> I'm a biology student and need help to prepare the theme "rare codons"
> in my
> school (Faculty of Biology, University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico). The
> teacher
> only indicates the theme's name and directions very poor. I want to know
> to search in the web... I tried with "rare codons", but I need
> sequences, names,
> effects and manipulations. The theme is to Genetics of Microorganims and
> is necesary to aprobe the matter (seminary) and its limits is nov. 19.
> My name is Maritza Hernandez (girl) and the e-mail is:
> sarquiet at
> P.S. Thanks for anticipated and excuse my english...

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