Cetus thermocyclers

Weining, Song WeininS at prose.dpi.qld.gov.au
Tue Nov 10 02:34:48 EST 1998

I agree with Sandra. I've used ALL of PE's machines and MOST of the peltier
ones by various makers. anything older than 9700 has the problem of uneven
heating/cooling. You can prove it by a proper thermometer. A lot PCRs are
not stringent with the temperature profiles so you can get away with poorly
performed machines. The original design of PE's is wrong and they already
switched to peltier for a while now. 
I don't know why anyone still wants to buy a 2400. small in sample block but
not in price, outdated software and the performance? enough comment already
there. It's like comparing G3 with DOS if you try some late peltier ones. 
I'm not surprised with Sandra's experience with PE. PE is not renowned for
their service as they are not REALLY a biotech company. But I have to say I
like their spectrophotometers.

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