type II restriction enzymes

Esbjorn Fiers esfie at gengenp.rug.ac.be
Wed Nov 11 14:43:36 EST 1998

According to me, everyone uses type II restriction enzymes while cloning.
They are called type II because they where the second class to be
discovered. They are the only useful class for cloning because they cut
specific sequences in a specific manner, creating an cohesive or a sticky
(or cohesive) end. The other types (I and II) cut at unspecified distances
from a specific sequence and are therefore not useful for cloning purposes.
If u want to use such enzymes u just have to look in catalogs of companies
like clonetech, boeringher, ... where u can find all the information about
them (like sequence specificity, protocols, ...)

Hope this answers your question!

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