type II restriction enzymes

Narendra Kaushik n.kaushik at ic.ac.uk
Wed Nov 11 10:58:06 EST 1998

I am not sure what you are going to do. Can you be a bit precise? As I
you are talking about IIS class enzymes. These references might help:

1. Szybalski W, et al. Class-IIS restriction enzymes--a review. Gene.
1991, 100: 13-26
2. Podhajska AJ, et al. Conferring new specificities on restriction
enzymes: cleavage at any predetermined site by combining adapter
oligodeoxynucleotide and class-IIS enzyme. Methods Enzymol. 1992, 216:
3. Unrau P, et al. Non-cloning amplification of specific DNA fragments
from whole genomic DNA digests using DNA 'indexers'. Gene. 1994, 145(2):
4. Padgett KA, et al. Creating seamless junctions independent of
restriction sites in PCR cloning. Gene. 1996 , 168(1): 31-5.

Narendra kaushik

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