What would happen to F' plasmid, pRK2013 and plasmid of interest after it enters Agrobacterium via triparental mating?

Lim Jet limjet at pl.jaring.my
Thu Nov 12 02:28:32 EST 1998

Hello. This is Lim. I have some questions on triparental mating and I
was wondering if you could help me out.
	First of all, I would like to mention that my donor cell has a F'
plasmid besides my plasmid of interest. In Triparental mating, the
pRK2013 plasmid will be mobilized into the donor cell. This would mean
that my donor cell now has 3 plasmids (F'plasmid, plasmid of interest
and pRK2013). When this donor cell infects my disarmed AgL1
agrobacterium (it has a plasmid with T-DNA), will all 3 plasmids get
transferred to the agrobacterium?
	What will happen to the F' plasmid and pRK2013 when it get transferred
to the agrobacterium? Will it degrade, replicate or integrate into the
plasmid containing the T-DNA?
	What about my plasmid of interest? Would it get integarted into the
T-DNA plasmid or exist as another plasmid?
	Many thanks for your help. A prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

limjet at pl.jaring.my

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