Need thermal cycler recommendation.

Doug Jones duge4wd at
Thu Nov 12 15:54:22 EST 1998

Zhongtang Yu wrote in message :
The one we are
>using is ERICOMP Twin Block thermal cycler.  This one works fine but it
>melts PCR tube caps occasionally in overnight run.  In addition, the
>Block II run slower than Block I, and one time the RAM was
>"contaminated" (the etch person said so).  I had to open the machine and
>unplug the RAM to clean the contamination.  Of course, all the programs
>stored were gone.  Does any one have experience with other thermal
>cyclers and suggestions?  Thanks.

          I'm one up on you. My boss got electrically shocked by our ERICOMP
when trying to remove the melted tubes from our block II. We had your "RAM
contamination" problem as well; in additon, DO NOT try to hook up a printer.
That was the beginning of the end for our thermocycler. ERICOMP has since
replaced our "defective" thermocycler. Suggest you contact ERICOMP and
insist "erasing the RAM" will not help your situation.

D. Jones

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