VECTORETTE PCR.... blunt ends?

Lara, Ray J RLARA at NMU.EDU
Thu Nov 12 18:57:24 EST 1998

I was just wondering if anyone has experience working with blunt-ended
vectorette units versus sticky-ended vectorettes.  I am worried that the
blunt-end vectorette may ligate easier onto terminal digested fragments
and amplify non-specific fragments (of my Vectorette Library).  It would
seem that sticky-ended digests would prove to be more specific, though I
have no experience with blunt-ended vectorettes....

By the way, would anyone recommend Genosys' Vectorette kit?  I've been
constructing my own vectorette units from Riley (1990).

Any response would be helpful, Thanx in advance!

Jon Lara, Northern Michigan University

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