site directed mutagenesis

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Thu Nov 12 09:15:44 EST 1998

In article <36496A6C.B9345561 at>, Oskar Fdz-Capetillo <ggbferuo at> writes:
>Hi there:
>    I am just starting to develop my mutagenesis techniques. I am
>wondering about using the "quick change" Kit from Stratagene. I would
>want to know if anybody has used this kit and how did it work.
>    I would like to know any other site mutagenesis protocols if you
>have tried them succesfully.
>    Hoping to hear about you soon and thank you in advance,
>                Ana Aguirre

Dear Oskar,

The GeneEditor SDM kit from Promega worked excellently for me.  It is very easy
to use as well!

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