Good RNA extraction and RT-PCR kits?

John R. McQuiston zje8 at
Thu Nov 12 07:17:06 EST 1998

I've heard that qiagen actually has the best RNA extraction kit and 
Amersham/Pharmacia's RT-PCR beads work really well.

John R. McQuiston

In article <364A50CC.3A95DE20 at>, denekatj at says...
>    I am looking for advice on which RNA extraction kits are the best.
>I am currently considering kits from ambion, promega, MRC and
>stratagene, but would like to know of any good/bad experiences with
>various kits.
>     I will also be performing RT-PCR. I plan to use a kit from one of
>the above mentioned manufacturers (or other if advised). I am not sure
>what kit to get. One step or two? What kits are best?
>     I will be extracting total RNA from Pseudomonas and using
>subsequent RT-PCR product for Reverse Sample Genome Probing.
>     Thank you in advance for any advice!
>Thomas Deneka
>denekatj at

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