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Thu Nov 12 22:55:36 EST 1998

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  Jens Mollerup <jmollerup at aki.ku.dk> wrote:
> Hi Netters,
> I need to remove RNA contamination of lambda DNA samples. RNAses are not
> to be used since we will use cRNA (in vitro transkription) later in the
> procedure. Off course we can run an agarose gel and purify from that,
> but there might be an easier way. We have tried to precipitate RNA by
> MgCl2 or LiCl2 - it doesnt work! Does anyone have an idea.

Yup, although it is an Ambion product and I am affiliated with Ambion. I
usually try not to advertise products here. We sell a product called
RNAsecure. It will kill the Ribonuclease dead at a concentration of RNase
10ng/ml. This is more than enough to nuke your RNA contamination. The
RNAsecure will not hurt downstream applications and is irreversible (and it's

p.s. I apologize for the advert

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