Cardiomyoycte Cell Cultures:/Cytoplasmic Calcium Concentration.

Robert Henning rhenning at
Fri Nov 13 18:38:20 EST 1998

I wish to control the cytoplasmic calcium concentration in rat heart
cardiomyocyte cell cultures for periods of 48 to 78 hours. Possible
alternatives are to use BAPTA or EGTA in the culture media(DMEN) but I
am concerned that these chemicals will inhibit cardiomyocyte cell growth
and cause apoptosis.  Another possibility is to reduce the calcium
concentration in the DMEN culture media from the current 1.8 mM. 
However I am not certain that the cells will survive for 72 hours. A
third alternative is to use a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker,
such as nifedipine, in the culture media. However, I have the impression
that this does not significantly lower cytoplasmic calcium. Do any of my
colleagues have suggestions?
My email address is rhenning at

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