DNA solution like glue

joe joe at joe.org
Sat Nov 14 13:22:47 EST 1998

Xiao wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to isolate DNA from leave of a few gymnosperm species using CTAB.
>  I get huge amount of `cloud` after isopropanol.  When the pellet was
> dissolved in TE, it becomes glue-dense solution that can hardly be handled
> with a tip.  Any suggestions as how to clean up this glue?  Thanks in advance!

This sounds like DNA! Highly concentrated DNA of high molecular weight is like
that. If you just touch the solution with the tip and then pull, it will follow
the tip, like some gross mucus, except it is clear. If you need DNA that's not too
fragmented, cut the edge of your tips when pipetting otherwise you'll break the

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