help for culture of atrial cells and ventricular cardiocyte

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Mon Nov 16 10:33:55 EST 1998

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> Dear colleagues:
>          I am a Ph. D graduate student, I am going to do the primary
>          culture of the Rat atrial and ventricular cardiocyte and the
>          subsquently transfection with Lipofectamine or electrophoration
>          respectively. but I have just found little information about it,
>          Is there anyone can kindly give me some hints to it? 
>         Thanks for your kindness.
>           Yang Jingxuan
>           Dept. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 
>           Inst. of Basic Med. Sci.
>           PUMC &CAMS 
>           China

I have cultured adult ventricular cardiocytes for 6 years and there's one
thing that I can tell you : electroporation (as well as calcium phosphate)
killed all my cell. This is probably because the cells hypercontract when
extracellular calcium comes into the cytoplasm. Now, if you use neonate
cells, maybe it is different.

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