Validaton of RNA integraty

Geoffrey Kidd gkidd at
Mon Nov 16 17:24:38 EST 1998

The rRNA bands are usually good indicators, but rRNA is more resistant to RNases
than the average mRNA due to its high degree of secondary structure, so visible
rRNA bands alone do not necessarily indicate high-quality RNA.  Another thing to
look for is a smear of mRNA extending through and beyond both of the rRNA
bands.  The higher the smear, the better the quality of your mRNA.  If you have
a probe for another mRNA species that you know is detectable, that would make a
good indicator as well.  Good luck!

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Mr. M.J. Lush wrote:

>         Were producing total RNA to generate a cDNA library
> (we have too little tissue to extract mRNA:-(.
>         Do we need to do a Northern blot to demonstrate that the
> RNA is intact or is visualizing the 18S and 28S rRNA bands on an
> EtBr/agarose gel good enough evidence that that batch of RNA OK?
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