PCR - Master Mix

John R. McQuiston zje8 at cdc.gov
Mon Nov 16 09:26:04 EST 1998

I as well as many of my friends have used the Ready to Go PCR beads from 
Amersham/Pharmacia for about 4 yrs now (approx 3,000 rxns)  I have NEVER had a 
bead fail.  I am not affiliated with A/P but I can't stress enough to people 
that this is the most amazing PCR related product I've ever seen. 
I really can't believe that people still want to make master mixes when these 
are out there.  I guess if you have special conditions that would be fine but 
for everyday PCR these are great.  I know I sound like I'm a sales rep for 
these but I really want to help people with their work and these really do.  I 
am also very critical of any kit that's out there but just try them and I 
believe you to will be amazed.

John R. McQuiston
Foodborne Diseases Branch 
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Atlanta GA.

In article <72n9st$otv$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>, beakerhead at hotmail.com says...
>Hi!  I'm looking for a master mix for my PCR reactions. I'd love to just put
>in my template and primers and not have to do all the pipetting of other
>reagents.  Does anyone have any experience with any products out there? 
>Please send me any info-experiences that you might have.
>beakerhead at hotmail.com
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