coomassie vs silverstain

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> > Which method of gel-staining is the most indiscriminative, so that you
> > can rely on the stainingpattern
> > as a tool of a quatitative proteinprofile. I have a very different
> > staining profile using the two methods of
> > an outermembrane preperation. Does anyone have references to this ?
> >
> I'm guessing that you see more bands in your silver-stained gel, right?
> Neither stain is more discriminating of protein. However, the sensitivity of
> silverstaining is far greater than for coomassie


I certainly agree about the sensitivity of silver compared to
Coomassie but Coomassie binds strongly to SDS while, if I remember
correctly, the silver staining is unaffected by SDS treatment.  If
this is truly the case then proteins that bind more SDS would appear
relatively more intensely stained using Coomassie.
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