Plant RNA extraction

Xu Huijun huijun at
Mon Nov 16 02:28:24 EST 1998

Hi, Rita,

I use the protocol of Logemann et al., which you can find in:

Logemann J., Schell J., and Willmitzer L. (1987) Improved Method for the
Isolation of RNA from Plant Tissues. Anal. Biochem. 163: 16 - 20

It uses a guanidinehydrochloride extraction buffer and phenol
extraction. It worked ok for me when I extracted total RNA from barley
roots and tissues. If you have troubles with phenol and can do with less
quantities you could also check out Quiagen's RNeasy kit.

Hope this helps,


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Rita wrote:
> Hi there!
> I need to construct a plant cDNA library, but I`ve a big problem: until
> now I couldn´t find a good protocol for RNA extraction (good yield, good
> ratios A260/A280 and without DNA contamination). Could someone help me,
> please? I´ll be really grateful!
> Thanks in advance
> Rita
> e-mail: titucha at

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