Oligo design

Alan Smith smitam01 at HOLMES.IPFW.EDU
Mon Nov 16 14:51:11 EST 1998

A student at Cornell named Xiongfong Chen made a program called DNAclub
and put it on the internet as freeware and I tried it out.  It worked
perrty good. You could create primers (Never tried this part of the
program) and do restriction mapping.  I don't remeber the web site the
program came from, but his Email adress is  xc11 at cornell.edu  .   
Alan Smith
Grad student
Dr. George Mourad's lab
Indiana-Purdue University

On Mon, 16 Nov 1998 bioinfo at my-dejanews.com wrote:

> In article <364D6B49.3449A6DC at lg.ehu.es>,
>   Oskar Fdz-Capetillo <ggxlagen at lg.ehu.es> wrote:
> >     Hi there:
> >
> >     Does anyone knoe any freeware software or any web page wich is
> > available for working with oligo design ( calculating Tm-s, designing
> > best primers and probes...).
> >     Thank you in advance,
> >             Oskar
> >
> >
> Dear Oskar,
> I don't know of any freeware but I can suggest you the one I use for primer
> designing. That is Primer Premier. It is available at www.PremierBiosoft.com.
> Ravi Gupta
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