Stop e-mail sales!!!!

Ian A. York iayork at
Mon Nov 16 13:38:55 EST 1998

In article <72poqc$69e3 at>, John R. McQuiston <zje8 at> wrote:
>I am getting sick of getting follow up e-mails from companies pushing their 
>products (2 from Sigma lately) after I post a note about a competitors product. 

I've gotten a couple in the past; I wrote back to the people responsible
and told them that if they repeated this I would make a point not only of
not buying from them, but of encouraging my co-workers to also buy from
their competitors; and I also told them that I would call up the highest
level of supervisor I could find to explain that (sales rep's name here)
was responsible for them losing my business.

Any sales reps reading this:  Make a note, because my policy hasn't

Note that there are circumstances in which I would welcome email
discussing a product, from sales reps or anyone.  If you're not able to
figure out what circumstances are appropriate, then you probably shouldn't
be using the net.

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