Frost-free freezers

Gail Otulakowski gotulak at
Thu Nov 19 14:07:06 EST 1998

Philip Coffino wrote:
> Our 18 year old freezer just died this week.  We are in the market for a
> new NON-frost-free freezer (with attached 4 degree space) and have come
> across the problem that most, if not all, suppliers carry frost-free
> versions.  Does someone know of a brand or supplier who still makes
> NON-frost-free freezers??

Actually, I would love to collect some opinions about the necessity of
a  non-frost-free freezer for enzyme storage (Defrosting is a real pain
in the neck).  We now store all our enzymes in insulated boxes (e.g.
Stratacoolers) in the freezer anyway, just to minimize temp fluctuations
when the door is open, etc.  Wouldn't this be enough protection against
the temp changes during the defrost cycle of a frost-free freezer - or
is there another reason for not using frost-free freezers?

Gail Otulakowski, Ph.D.
Hospital for Sick Children

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