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: Well, I have to agree that spam stinks but you have to remember that this
: is just some guy trying to hock his wares.

Indeed. And the guy who cuts you off on the highway doing 90 is simply
trying to get somewhere faster... And the mugger who is trying to get your
wallet is merely working on improving his cash flow... It's very refreshing
to see such an altruistic attitude in these times of universal cynicism and

:  If you want to stop recieving
: spam then you must do three things. 1) do not post under your "proper"
: address.  By this I mean that you should throw in some extra letters like
: ".DELETE.THIS." in your reply to address.  Many Spam lists get put
: together by the mining of addresses from usenet posts. 2) Be stingy with
: the doling out of your email address when at corporate sites.  Although
: your "magic cookie" can be used to track you thru thier site, you still
: have to give them an email address because that is not extractable by the
: corporate servers. 3) If you are using Eudora or a like program, learn to
: use the filters.

It's all great, but the way internet business is conducted nowdays those
guys who are "trying to hock their wares" essentially put you on defense
even if you don't stray away from the professional sites. From personal
experience I know that the most annoying spammers are also the most
dishonest as their recipes "to get off" their bloody lists never work, they
do not give their real email addresses except in the body of the spam (so
that reply comes as undeliverable) etc. 

: Just as a comparison, think about all the crap you recieve in the snail
: mail and in the case of the mail, they have to cut trees down and those
: glossy pictures require the paper to be heavily proccessed which is really
: bad for rivers (ie Pigeon Ford tenn.)  So in many respects it is better to
: get spam email than spam snail mail.

The amount of junk and spam I'm getting through the mail is much lower and
its relevance (to my interests) is much higher than what I get through
email. The cost of the mail spam is rising for the spammers as it is for
environment thus making mail spammers much more responsive to your demands
to stop the spamming. On the other hand I can't count even with my shoes
off the number of times when I was sitting at home with my connection to
WiscWorld hanging by the skin of her teeth and waiting for PHD job return
only to be tied up with converting an attachment a 10 Megs worth of
advertisement for some bloody caribbean cruises...
As other authors in this thread I make a special point of not buying
anything from too -mmm- forceful spammers and occasionally setting up
repeated offenders with email pain of their own (but who has the time for
the crap like that?..).


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