Electroporation of HeLa cells..

Max Søgaard tmms at mbio.aau.dk
Tue Nov 17 12:17:13 EST 1998

Dear Netters.
I am looking for a protocol for the electroporation of Hela cells
Thought it would be a nice way to get good reproduction of the amount of
plasmid DNA that gets in there from exp. to exp. (as compared to
DEAE-dextran ppt. or  eq. methods. ) I was told that the parameters used
depend very much on the specific cell-line at hand so instead of just
going by Current Protocols I would like to know if  anyone out there
have succesfully used electroporation for Hela, AMA or 293 cells (these
are just the cells I prefer) and if so, what parameters did you guys use
(apparatus, cuvette-size, vol. cells, density, conc. DNA, type DNA,
electrical setup).
Has anybody used any other human adherent cells?
Input greatly appreciated
Max Soegaard
University of Aarhus
Inst. of Mol. and Struct. Biol.
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