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> I just wanted to add that
> the abuse by commercial structures of the internet as it is now was one of
> the reasons people are talking about (and apparently building) the
> internet-2, a kinda ivory tower for academia shielded from the your common
> peddler and other non-affiliated netters. 

The reason for the creation of the "internet 2" (Next Generation Internet
Initiative) is to intilially create a high bandwidth conduate between High
Performance Computing Sites such that large packets and I mean large (100s
of gigabytes) can be transfered.  The intial goal is to create a large
Meta computing enviornment that scientist at the various government
agencies and universities can use.  I believe that currently all the NSF
supercomputing sites and many of the other government Supercomputing sites
as well as about 200 universities will be the initial participants.  When
it is completed it will be gradually turned over to the .com domain sort
of like Arapnet was.  Then the government will begin work on a new
internet backbone and the cycle will begin again.  This is a very cursory
explination of the NGI initiative, to read more go to       or


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