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Tue Nov 17 11:50:19 EST 1998

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> (This turned into a longish rant.  Delete and continue if you want.)

The Rant was Sniped.  But I did read it and agree with the seeming
futility of the matter.  All in  all Spam does sux rocks.  What I did not
tell you is how I successfully avoid spam.  I am a grad student at the
university of Pittsburgh and am very lucky to have a very good CIS dept. 
Anyway, I have several machines that I can use as a mail server (VMS,UNIX,
and a POP).  My VMS account is the one I use for work (ie talking to other
scientist and what not).  The unix account is what is published.  I have
written a macro that deletes ALL mail that does not come from a usenet
posts that I made.  All mail not coming from usenet gets deleted without
me ever seeing it.  Even so I average about 7-10 Sapm packets a day.  And
they are quickly deleted before I ever read them because I do not know the
sender or the subject.  My "private acount" has only been found by ZD
which was because I screwed up and gave it to them.  the POP account is
never used at all because to defend against spam would mean that I have to
learn how to use those filters.  And I tried to do that once but quickly
realized my were quite correct in your assertion that filter
creation can be tricky.  
I guess when I graduate, I will not have a mainframe for mail and will
have to deal with the true nastyness of spam in its full and annoying
grander.  But your comments about my apathy about the problem is more a
clouded view due to my circumstance because I have not had to deal with
spam off a POP server.  I believe that when my mainframes go, I will adopt
your attitude and I will not be so understanding.  But if legislation is
proposed to curb the spammers, I will support it.  Your ranting was not

Peter Pediaditakis

"don't you eat that yellow snow
       Watch out where the huskies go"  

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