Validaton of RNA integraty

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mlush at (Mr. M.J. Lush) wrote:

>	Were producing total RNA to generate a cDNA library
>(we have too little tissue to extract mRNA:-(.  
>	Do we need to do a Northern blot to demonstrate that the
>RNA is intact or is visualizing the 18S and 28S rRNA bands on an 
>EtBr/agarose gel good enough evidence that that batch of RNA OK?



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A useful method which consumes little RNA is to use your preparation
as template in an in vitro translation and examine the (radiolabeled)
products by SDS-PAGE. If you see translation products larger than,
say, 70 kDa you know that you have some translatable and fair-sized
mRNAs present. This takes less time than doing a northern blot. One
potential problem is that your RNA may contain contaminants which
interfere with translation (e.g. polysaccharides, vanadyl
ribonucleosides if you have used them) or could be modified by DEPC if
you have not taken care to remove it.

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