Frost-free freezers

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Thu Nov 19 11:59:45 EST 1998

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> Our 18 year old freezer just died this week.  We are in the market for a
> new NON-frost-free freezer (with attached 4 degree space) and have come
> across the problem that most, if not all, suppliers carry frost-free
> versions.  Does someone know of a brand or supplier who still makes
> NON-frost-free freezers??

Most suppliers make non-frost free freezers, only they come as separate
units. Our university has an agreement with Frigidaire, for example, which
gives us significant discounts on all their products.  I have never come
across a unit here that was connected to a 4 degree unit - they were all
stand-alone units. We have both an upright and a chest-type that are
non-frost free.  The chest type units are more efficient, require less
defrosting, but are a bit of a pain to load/unload if you're looking for a
sample you have on the bottom... By the way, all of the major manufacturers,
GE, Maytag, Whirlpool, etc, have web sites, so you can check out their entire
product lines...


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