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>Our 18 year old freezer just died this week.  We are in the market for a
>new NON-frost-free freezer (with attached 4 degree space) and have come
>across the problem that most, if not all, suppliers carry frost-free
>versions.  Does someone know of a brand or supplier who still makes
>NON-frost-free freezers??

If you can't find a real non-frost-free freezer, you should be able to
'sabotage' a frost-free one: 

A little poking about and following of wires on a frost-free freezer
reveals that the frost-free part is controlled by a small time switch that
appears to operate for about 15mins once per 24 hours. During this 15 min
period, the thermostat is prevented from triggering the compressor, and
power is supplied to a heating wire within the freezer (and a fan to blow
the air around).  The timer is driven by a small motor, and if you remove
the power to the motor, the 'frost-free' period will never happen (at least
as long as you don't kill the motor during those 15mins).

Caveat: I've only looked at 2 frost-free freezers. Both were European
models. Neither were lab freezers, and I wasn't trying to sabotage the
frost-free feature. So I could be horribly wrong, but I don't think I am. 
Also, this might be dreadfully unsafe (but again I don't think it is unless
you disconnect the little motor while the power is on). If you can get
through to someone in the technical services department of one of the
manufacturers, they could probably tell you...


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