PCR - Master Mix

Chris Kafer ckafer at iastate.edu
Wed Nov 18 22:42:30 EST 1998

Yeah, if you insist on spending the extra money vs spending a few sec
pipetting, the PCR "supermix" from Gibco works fine.  I dont find it
as robust as just mixing my own (yet another reason I wont use "kits"
like this)  but to each his own.

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998 19:26:24 GMT, beakerhead at hotmail.com wrote:

>Hi!  I'm looking for a master mix for my PCR reactions. I'd love to just put
>in my template and primers and not have to do all the pipetting of other
>reagents.  Does anyone have any experience with any products out there? 
>Please send me any info-experiences that you might have.
>beakerhead at hotmail.com
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