AMV vs. MMLV reverse transcriptase

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Wed Nov 18 10:48:16 EST 1998

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>     I am currently trying to made a cDNA library of total RNA using random
> hexamer primers. The old protocol uses MMLV. However AMV reverse
> transcriptase is cheaper. Is there a difference and what's better for
> certain conditions. After looking the most I could find is that AMV is
> stable at a slightly higher temperature. Thank you an advance for any
> assistance you may have in the manner.
>                                                                     Marc
> Gregory Busch
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I'm probably showing my age, but when I was an undergrad., people used to get
AMV RT for free.

As far as MMLV vs. AMV, many people (including myself) use a certain MMLV RT
that has been monkeyed around with so that it has no RNAse H activity. AFAIK
(admittedly, not very far) I don't think the equivalent product based on AMV
RT is sold (but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).  So if the
choice is between the modified murine vs. avian, you might get better cDNA
with the modified murine enzyme.  If using wild-type (RNAse H positive), I
don't have a good recommmendation.

Nick Theodorakis

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