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Wed Nov 18 10:43:42 EST 1998

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(Michael T. MacDonell, Ph.D.) wrote:

: Dear Eric:
 : Your message hit home.
 : I have the same feelings every time I post something to this group.
 : The only posts I have ever made were attempts to participate in a
 : discussion, or to answer a question from someone.  Nevertheless, I end
 : up feeling the same way you do.  More or less on the borderline
 : between persona non grata, and evil bloodsucking capitalist.
 : You should not feel that way and neither should I.  You damned sure
 : are not responsible for the junk email that shows up.
: I'm sorry you are cast in the role of member of the enemy camp.
: Forget it.  I do.

Nobody should feel as an enemy or even an outcast simply because of one's
affiliation (excepting Communist Party of Soviet Union, SS and Tonton
Macoute). It's all about the good measure and propriety. Keeping one's
messages short and fair toone's competitors should make such  contributions
more acceptable on this board.


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