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Wed Nov 18 10:04:27 EST 1998

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: Hi Vladimir, hi all out here!
: Is there a way to find out the real addresses of these spammers?

It's often difficult and usually not worth your time. Complaining to ISPs
is far from being an efficient method to stop the spam (due to lack of real
power and strong commercial interest on the part of ISPs).
: It would be delightful to subscribe them to the daily full text 
: updates of GenBank, REBASE, Biotechniques and the all the newsletter 
: we find in our box every day...

Well, I don't think that by involving in this vendetta and putting
additional workload on the legitimate research servers one would serve the
purpose of greater responsibility of the net-users. However, when I was
bombed repeatedly by some request for amateur sex videos - traced, BTW, to
one of the biomed newsgroup mailing lists (!!!) - which had an actual email
in the body of the message (for negotiations over the price for these
videos) I did subscribe this email address to all kinds of creationists'
newsletters, updates etc. But, seriously, it's not the best
use of one's time. 


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